2017. Justifications for a discontinuity theory of language evolution. Biolinguistics 11.

Manuscripts in Review

INFL isn't a deictic anchoring category and it isn't INFL.

Reconciling verb movement and inflection.

Language as non-compositional expression of compositional thought.

Honest signalling theory and its limits in linguistics.

Conference Talks

Oct 2017. Universals of INFL: Challenges from Maybrat. Greenwich Tenselessness Workshop.

Jul 2017. The evolution of linguistics and the evolution of language. Durham Castle Conference 2017.

May 2017. Variational models of language acquisition, or: Principles and parameters in the 21st century. Edinburgh LEL Postgraduate Conference 2017.

Mar 2017. A variational model of root infinitives during language acquisition. 12th Newcastle upon Tyne Graduate Conference in Linguistics.